EZO-TEH main activities in Macedonia

EZO-TEH main activities in Macedonia

• Industrial purification
• Waste management
• Preparation of documentation for the impact of pollution on Living Invironment
• Consulting and engineering
• Green program
• Production of press-containers, press-ballers steel boxes for selected waste

Industrial purification
• Tanks for storage of oil derives
• Oil-water separators
• Furnaces, condensers, freezers, heat exchangers, filters, mixers
• Degreasing and anti-corrosive protection of steel and concrete surfaces
• Tanks in industry for chemicals, food pharmacy
• Waste water treatment plants, collectors, basins Recovery of ecological accidents

Waste management
• Certified for Waste Management by the Ministry for living environment and spatial planning
• Identification and characterization of Waste
• Work Permit No.11-9130 / 1 for collection and transport of non-toxic waste
• Work permit No.11-10906 / 1 for collection and transport of toxic waste.
• Preparation of Plans and proqrams for Waste Management in industry


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