Investment opportunity Serbia

Investment opportunity Serbia

EZO Company represents a unique investment opportunity in the waste disposal industry in the Balkan region.
This is the right time to invest in the waste disposal market in Serbia, since the ecology and environment protection are only beginning to evolve as important issues. The market grows up year by year and the regulations are not tight and precise. Having in mind the countries roadmap towards the European Union, it can be expected that the new laws will be adopted soon, forcing the industry and entrepreneurs to seriously deal with waste disposal issues.

Furthermore, investment in the Company will bring numerous advantages to the strategic partner:
• Well known on the domestic market;
• Market share in Macedonia (EZO TEH);
• Highly skilled and inexpensive labor;
• Attractive geographical location and established network;
• Existing customer network with large number of well known companies;
• Great possibility for the development of market position.

Current market and macroeconomic situation, as well pro-investment economic environment and regulation in Serbia and the SEE countries, encourage domestic enterprise for Ecology and Environment Protection for adequate market presence and profitable services:
• High GDP growth expected in Serbia and the region;
• Rising demand for waste disposal management – services
• Positive expectations for future growth
• Lowest corporate tax rate in Europe – 10%;
• For €10 million or more invested, there is no tax or custom duties for period of 5 years.



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