Investment opportunity Macedonia

Investment opportunity Macedonia

Facts about Macedonia

1. Excellent infrastructure
2. EU & NATO candidate country
3. Fast company registration
4. “One Stop-Shop“system for border cross trading-One Stop-Shop
5. Lowest taxes in Europe
6. Available skilled workforce
7. Monetary stability
8. Macroeconomic stability
9. 2ND in STARTING A BUSINESS World Bank’s Doing Business 2016 Report
10. Business-oriented Government
11. 12th EASE OF DOING BUSINESS World Bank’s Doing Business 2016 Report
12. 1st IN TOTAL TAX RATE IN THE WORLDPwC and World Bank Group Study 2015
13. Fitch affirms Macedonia at BB+ (stable credit rating 2015)- Fitch BB+
14. FTAs with EU, EFTA, CEFTA countries; Turkey and the Ukraine; providing access to over 650m customers
15. Two international airports: Skopje and Ohrid

Macedonia has built 15 TIDZS (Technological Industrial Development Zones)
Growing FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

As a result of a growing interest in Macedonia’s investment potential, a number of international companies have started operations in the country, both as green-field projects and through different types of asset acquisition and privatization.


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